Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

Name Ikirnikir
Race Twi’lek
Home world ‘local’
Age 20
Occupation ‘gal who does stuff’

Start off with a quick summary of the character concept. The paragraph should outline the basic concept. For example, Batman is a super hero operating in Gotham City. He fights crime using his keen detective skills, utility belt, and martial arts skills. While he can come off as a bit of a hard ass, he has a good relationship with the police.

Next, consider putting down your character’s main qualifications and abilities. What makes your character special? For example, if a Fighter, what weapons do you favour? As a wizard, what are your specialist and banned schools? What skills do you have that are unusual or particularly high? Languages known would also fit nicely in here.

Now that the basics are out of the way, you can open up with a quick summary of your character’s personality. Batman for example puts on the image of the playboy millionaire while in his secret identity, but once he puts on the cowl he becomes a scowler worthy of any Goth club. He makes simple and direct statements while telling his enemies exactly what they have done wrong.

Another good thing to include here would be your character’s current goals and interests. These help find ways for your fellow players to interact with you and provide a DM with ways to include interesting events. Batman’s interests include skulking in dark alleys and reading random books of trivia to spout later. In his identity of Bruce Wayne, he attends many parties and manages the affairs of Wayne Enterprises. Hmm, fun hijinks in the lab and people to chat to at parties, sounds like plot hook materials to me!



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